The next piece of work to be done towards the portfolio of mini-projects is an animation made using Adobe Flash. The task also calls for an original soundtrack for the animation, which should be produced using GarageBand. The animation should be roughly 15 seconds in length, and should fit on a canvas of 22mm by 16mm in size.

This task will help me extend my skill set as I have only briefly used Flash to create animations in the past, and I have no experience at all with the GarageBand software, or any form of music production. While the task calls for only a simple soundtrack to last the required 15 seconds, I think even this will give me an insight into the creative processes involved with audio production, and let me get a feel for the area and see if it is something I would be interested in continuing with after the conclusion of the task.

I will also, I think, benefit from going through the animation process in Flash, as it is an area I haven’t done anything in for a while, and so it will be useful for me to be refreshed on the techniques and practices that go with it.