The ‘Flash animation with soundtrack’ brief was something which I think helped to improve my skills, from both a very specific technical and software-oriented perspective and a broader conceptual viewpoint. I learned important things on subjects ranging from basic animation and soundtrack creation / synchronisation to visual abstraction and simplicity.

I think the animation I created had merit as an experiment with the techniques involved in the task, and I am generally happy with it as an artefact, however were I to attempt this task again there may be things I would do differently. For example, the animation I created was perhaps too rigid in it’s structure and characterisation, where the task called for a more abstract piece of work. This is something which I stand by as a creative decision, but which maybe could have been a follow up piece to an initial , more traditionally abstract animation.

Nevertheless, I think that this short project has been a success, in that I achieved my initial aims for it. These were to refresh my knowledge of simple animation using Flash and to take a first look into the area of music production for the soundtrack. I definitely did both of these things and more besides, and learned from the experience.

Speaking of music production, I do not think that it is something that I wish to continue too much further at present. The brief was a good entry point into it and I learned a few basic techniques, such as layering tracks and using sampled loops. I also think that the track I managed to produce was fit for purpose and served the animation well, even if it was a bit basic in it’s composition. I think however that my efforts would be more wisely spent pursuing other areas which are of more interest to me.

Again, the final result of this project can be seen here.