The next brief is in, and this time it is a photographic one. The project is to create an image which spells out words (specifically, our own name), using photographs of the environment to make up the letters. I think this has the potential to be a very interesting task, from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint. On the practical front, it will be a good chance to experiment with photography and related techniques, as well as possibly some photo editing afterwards. This will be beneficial, as photography is something that I’ve never really seriously got into (outside of the occasional holiday snap) and it will be a good chance to learn the ropes.

From a more theory-based perspective, I think the task will really influence the way that I perceive my surroundings, and require a certain frame of mind to see things that I would normally see one way (as everyday objects and places) as something entirely different (representations of letters and language). This has the possibility of touching on some interesting philosophies and ideas.

Outside of the set task, we have also been introduced to some other photographic techniques such as creating time-lapses and panoramas. I look forward to trying these activities out as well, and hope to come up with some interesting pieces at the end.