The kinetic typography project was something which interested and inspired me. As part of my research I saw some really great examples in the area, and they gave me some insight into the techniques and ideas that should be considered in producing a successful end result.

I also learned a few helpful things about Adobe After Effects, a piece of software which I had previously only had limited experience with using. I look forward to experimenting more with the software and it’s various capabilities in the future.

In regard to my Gravity animation, I am generally pleased with the outcome, although I think that due to artistic choices previously mentioned as well as a lack of experience with the software used, the animation is fairly simple and therefore not the best exercise for teaching myself advanced techniques.

I intend to take a further look at a kinetic typography project at some point soon, and there are a few things I plan on changing from this first attempt. For example, next time I would like to use an audio/video clip which moves along faster and/or has more words present. I think this will result in a more challenging animating experience, and allow me to experiment and try out more styles and techniques of kinetic typography.

Overall though, as a first foray into the medium as well as a learning exercise, I think the project has served me well. I have developed a greater appreciation for the sorts of high production value kinetic typography pieces that are out there, as well as a desire to improve on my own skills.