As I begun the hand-drawn 12 frame animation task, I had several ideas of what I could draw. My initial plan was to try to animate a typical human walking cycle, although I quickly realised that this would prove quite difficult due to a combination of needing to redraw the entire image for each frame  and my lack of drawing skill.

I then changed my plan to animate a simple ball bouncing around the imagined space of the page, as I felt I could probably manage to draw at least a semi-passable circle twelve times.

I began by drawing the ball at the 4 cardinal directions on the page, hitting each of the edges and about to bounce off. To try to achieve this, I drew the ball slightly squashed in towards the edge each time. I then drew two transitional stages for each direction of motion, and again drew the ball as if it were being deformed, this time by the force of its motion and air resistance.

Once I had the required 12 images, I took a photo of them and imported them to the computer, as I felt this would be the easiest and best way to show them in a digital form as an animation. I then appropriately framed the images and turned them into an animated .gif file using the ‘gifsicle’ command in a Terminal environment.

The result of this can be seen below.

Hand drawn bouncing ball animation

The final bouncing ball animated gif image.