After I had produced the bouncing ball animation by hand, I realised several things. The first of these was that with such a small number of frames, it is quite hard to see small changes or deformations in the drawn shape. Because of this, the ‘squashing’ of the ball at the edges of the paper is not really exaggerated enough in the drawings to be entirely obvious in the final animation. This and many other reasons (primarily the ridiculous simplicity of the animation) cause me to acknowledge that what I produced is not very good as a piece, although it did serve well as a learning experience.

Another thing that I learned is that hand animation is really not an area that is meant for me. My drawing abilities are not up to scratch to produce anything in this manner except the most basic of animations using simple geometric shapes without taking an extraordinarily long time trying to draw something more complicated. Due to this, I do not intend to continue much further with this particular form of animation, although I see the usefulness of this task in learning about the history and foundations of animation.

Thanks to this task and my research around it, I have become more interested in animation as a whole, and am keen to try out some different methods and styles of it. I will focus, though, on more computer-generated areas where my drawing skills may not have so much of an impact.