I have plans for my personal portfolio website. Plans which I am excited to work on, and which may eventually lead to a complete overhaul of the site. However, I am at the moment caught up in the middle of this Media Practice Portfolio project, and I am putting the improvement of my personal website on hold for now. I will run through a few of my ideas in brief here though, just to have them somewhere other than my head.

Part of my formative feedback from my lecturers on the site was that it has no strong sense of branding. My ‘logo’, if it can be called that, as it stands is simply the letter A in a circle. I can do better than that. I have started coming up with new ideas for my personal branding, and have started with logo design. At the moment I am running with designs based around my surname, Baker. I’m doing this because it’s important to me that the site does not start to feel too corporate or impersonal, and I want to keep a strong sense of my own personal connection to it throughout.

My initial logo experiments have been based around the iconic baker’s/chef’s hat. I think that this is something that is easily recognisable if portrayed correctly, and has enough of a connection to my name to establish a branding around. It does however run the risk of confusing people, and I obviously do not wish to be mistaken for a bakery.

Initial baker hat themed logos

My initial attempts at baker hat themed logos, done in Adobe Illustrator.

I am not entirely sure whether I like this idea or not as yet. I will continue to develop different concepts and ideas for my website and branding throughout the coming weeks.