We’ve recently been introduced at Uni to a piece of software that goes by the name of Blender. I have been aware of this open-source 3D modelling and animation program for a while, however I have never personally tried it out or done any 3D work at all. I am excited to get into it, and have started with a few simple creations.

The first thing we went over was how to manipulate text. I typed some sample text and went over the very basic task of extruding it to make it 3D.

Inputting 2D text into Blender

Inputting simple sample text in Blender.

3D extruded text

With a bit of magic (and extrusion), the text is now 3D.

Blender is a program that interests me, and that I plan on using a bit more to learn the techniques of 3D modelling and animation. While the things that I have done with it so far are very basic, the software has the potential to create complex and visually impressive images and animations. I look forward to seeing what I can do with it.