The first practical unit of the year is Design Iterations – a unit that is ultimately leading up to the creation of an interactive display for the foyer of the Media School building. This piece of work will use camera-based interactions to engage the user and will convey information related to a digital media issue. In preparation for this task, as well as to give us practice with the iterative approach we’re going to be taking, we have been tasked with, in small groups, designing an A3-sized poster to go in the foyer. This poster is to promote the idea of an independent Dorset.

My group (Daniel Burden & Liam Gorton) and I had a brief ideas session, and came up with some initial concepts for this task. We discussed portraying Dorset as an island separated from the UK, and stylising the map by rendering Dorset in green and the rest of the UK in grey to highlight the natural beauty of Dorset – one of its strongest features. After feedback with another group we have furthered this idea with the incorporation of a jigsaw-puzzle theme. The map would be abstracted as a series of puzzle pieces, with the piece for Dorset being separated and the wrong piece to connect to the main puzzle. Possible slogans were discussed, such as ‘Sometimes the pieces just don’t fit’. I think it is important not to abstract too much so that the message of the poster remains evident and easily understandable. We aim to refine our ideas and come up with a more final poster design over the coming days.