In preparation for displaying our posters in the Media School foyer, we were tasked with checking out the space and analysing the room, along with the people and activities within it. What we found, perhaps unsurprisingly, was that most of the people in the foyer at any moment were more than likely just passing through, either entering the building or leaving. Of the people who were actively occupying the space, the majority were often congregated around the food area, either queuing to buy or otherwise choosing food and drinks. The seating areas generally had people occupying them, but these people were normally groups of students more engaged with talking to each other or doing their own thing than looking around at the actual space they were in. Because of this, we thought it probably wouldn’t be beneficial to aim the poster at the people in these areas.

Our current plan, then is to take advantage of the patterns we have observed in the habits of our intended audience. We aim to place the posters in areas of high traffic – specifically near the queue area for Costa, and facing people both entering and leaving the building, either on the doors or columns of the foyer. These locations should, theoretically, produce maximum exposure of the work.

We also received feedback from our peers on our current poster designs, and though the preference between the two posters was largely split, the general consensus seems to be that the blue-coloured poster has a stronger image. Helpfully, a few constructive improvements which could be made were also pointed out. There were issues with the legibility of the top slogan from far distances, for one, which we aim to remedy by increasing the font size of this text. We will also increase the contrast between some of the shades of blue on the poster, to maintain the definition of the features in the imagery when the poster is printed and displayed.

All points considered, I feel confident going into the display phase of this brief that a high-quality piece of work has been produced which I look forward to seeing the audience reaction to.