I have been thinking over the recent poster brief I undertook for the Design Iterations unit, and how it relates to the interactive display assignment for the final assessment. I believe that having done the task, and having discovered the things I did while completing it, will prove useful in producing my display piece.

Firstly, the process of analysing and requirement gathering that we went through before displaying our posters is a crucial part of the iterative design process as a whole, and one which will need to be carried out again for this next piece of work. Taking a a closer and more thorough look at the Weymouth House foyer, a space which while I have been in many times before I have always taken somewhat for granted, was interesting in that it pointed out the areas which need to be taken into account when designing for a specific space. More now than before designing the posters, I am aware of elements in the physical environment of a design project which have a potential impact on the way the work is seen by the audience. Things such as the general flow of people in the space, the lighting in the room and other such factors can be necessary to take into account at both the initial design phase and any subsequent alterations made to the design in order to maximise the potential of the project in its intended environment.

From the poster brief, I now know several key pieces of information about the Weymouth House foyer. I know the primary demographic of the occupants of the space to be primarily students, for a start. This much I could have easily guessed without any formal analysis. but it’s always good to actually find these things out. This means when I’m designing my work I can aim it at this young target audience, and not have to worry too much about designing for a group with interests too drastically dissimilar from my own. I also, importantly, have a better idea of the habits of these people in the space and the locations in the room where people are more likely to congregate.

Unlike the posters, however, which could be placed anywhere in the room within reason, there are only a certain number of screens which can be used for this project. This slightly limits the options available when considering the best location for the project, but I’m sure one will be suitable.