I started thinking about ideas for my project by taking a closer look at the brief we have been given.
The Design Iterations unit calls for the production of:

A piece of interactive information design for a shared public space, which is intended to elucidate/explain some an idea or concept you perceive as key to our 21st century media experience.

The brief also points out that  the work produced can be a literal piece of direct information design, however we can also choose to create a more abstract or artistic piece. We are to use camera-based interaction for the work. At first, I looked at this and began thinking about areas and topics which would make interesting informative graphics. Concepts like the ever-increasing capacity storage media and the spread of the internet came to mind, as these are ideas which affect our everyday lives.

Upon further thought on how these topics would translate to a camera-based interactive piece, I realised that these directly informational style subjects perhaps don’t leave as much room for visual creativity as I would like. In my mind trying to explicitly tell the audience a message or fact about something lends itself to a somewhat rigid visual style – certainly there needs to be some way of saying what the piece is trying to say, be it text-based messages on the screen or some other communication method. The camera-based interaction here would likely be more along the lines of navigating or discovering the message of the piece. While this is certainly not without its merits, and poses an interesting challenge, the camera-based nature of the task, to me, fits with a more abstract project.

To this end, I will continue to look for media topics to base my project around, but I will keep in mind the nature of the piece I aim to create, and will aim to choose an area which fits well with a strong abstract visual design.