For the coffee lovers.


At Hot Spot, we pride ourselves on having the best coffee around. Every cup is the result of years of experience and refining of our signature taste, all the way from the farm to the mug. Coffee is our life and our passion, and all of our products are regularly and extensively reviewed and tested to make sure we're always serving the best of the best.


Hot Spot coffee is made with only the finest coffee beans from around the world. We have formed strong partnerships with the best coffee growers and suppliers who provide us with the highest quality crops. We're always on the hunt for new sources and we spend time each year visiting the best coffee farms so you can enjoy a great taste.


We aim to provide a comfortable, homely atmosphere for you to not only enjoy our coffee, but to relax with your friends, meet your next deadline, or even better experience a good book. We believe a good experience and a good cup of coffee go hand in hand, and we now even host a weekly speed-dating event in select stores.