Web Development


A website to promote the launch of a mobile game.


This was a live brief developed for a client as part of a work placement at Ascesis Media.


During a placement at Ascesis, I was tasked with realising a design that had been created for a website to promote Alphataire, a mobile game the company was working on at the time. The site needed to have a launch countdown, and allow users to input their email address to be signed up for a mailing list.


Following the design I was provided closely, I developed a custom website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The site displayed a countdown using a third-party JavaScript countdown tool, and allowed users to input their email address, which would then be saved to a database using PHP and MySQL. This was the first time I had properly worked with back-end technologies and databases for a project, and I taught myself the required skills while working on the brief. The website is no longer available online.