Web Design/Development


A website for a fake coffee shop as part of a multimedia comedy brief.


This was a collaborative university project developed in conjunction with a brief from Channel 4.


Working in teams made up of multiple disciplines and specialisms (such as Radio, TV, and Digital Media), we were tasked with producing a multimedia comedy project which could fit in with Channel 4's Comedy Blaps initiative. The project would involve visual and audio media comedy pieces which would be housed on a central website for the project.


My team decided to produce content based on a coffee shop speed-dating scenario, with videos based in a coffee shop and audio interviews with customers. As such, it was my job to produce a website for Hotspot, a fictional coffee shop, in order to promote their new speed dating event. I developed a fully responsive site using the Foundation framework with HTML5 video and audio players, and wrote appropriate copy for both a coffee-shop homepage and speed-dating profiles. Using custom JavaScript I also implemented a simple interactive quiz element where users could 'find their match' from the cast of characters.