iOS App Development


A live brief to develop an app for the anniversary of the Magna Carta


This university project was a live brief for Salisbury Cathedral, who wanted a mobile app to celebrate the anniversary of the Magna Carta.


Working in small groups, we were each tasked with conceptualising and developing a simple app, which may then be incorporated into a larger app used by Salisbury Cathedral during their Magna Carta anniversary celebrations.


My team decided to produce a sound quiz app aimed primarily at children, which would educate them about topics relevant to the Magna Carta and the time period in which it was signed. As one of two developers in the group, I was largely responsible for the quiz logic and workings. The finished app enabled users to play a sound, and then allowed them to guess what it represented from a multiple choice selection. At the end, a personified representation of the Magna Carta would be presented with a birthday cake in celebration. Our team's app was ultimately one of the few chosen to be used by Salisbury Cathedral. The project was developed using Swift and Xcode.