Web Application

A responsive web app for discussing TV shows, built using Node and Express.

What is Tellyprompt?

Tellyprompt is a responsive, mobile-focused web application which allows users to have discussions about their favourite television shows. By searching for a show a user can pick a specific episode to discuss with others around the world in a real-time chat room. Tellyprompt also allows individual episodes to be added as a favourite, allowing easy access to that episode’s discussion, as well as letting the community see the most popular episodes on the site. By chatting on a per-episode basis it is possible to both avoid spoilers and find others who are at the same point in a series, in order to have the best, most relevant discussions.

How was it built?

The site is built using:

  • NodeJS - for the backend/server technology
  • Express - a common Node webapp framework
  • Socket.IO - for realtime client/server communications when sending chat messages
  • React - for live updating the chat display and UI with new messages
  • mongoDB - for storing messages, users, and favourites data
  • jQuery - for general client-side functionality and scripting

Tellyprompt uses the http://themoviedb.org API for sourcing television show data and images.

Find your favourite shows

Typing a show name into the search bar and hitting enter on the homepage or the dedicated search page will find a television show with the closest matching title. All available seasons will be displayed of the show, and clicking on each of the season headers will load episode listings for the season. This data is fetched through a series of calls to the themoviedb.org API. Season posters and episode screenshots provided through this API are used as the background of season and episode links. Individual episode links will take the user to a chat page for each episode.

Chat with others

The chat page offers tellyprompt's main functionality. On this page, a user can type out a message in the text form at the bottom, and submit their message in real-time to anyone else who is currently viewing the same episode's discussion. These messages are also stored to the database, so that discussions are saved between sessions. From the chat page, episodes can also be favourited using the heart button.

See what's popular

The popular page displays the 5 most-favourited episodes on tellyprompt. This allows a user to see what shows and episodes are popular, and which they might like to watch and discuss. Popularity is based on all-time favourite counts, although there is scope to build on this functionality in the future by adding time frames to this, e.g weekly or daily popular episodes.